Areas of Interest

Water Harvesting

Somali Center for Water & Environment.

Tree Planting

Somali Center for Water & Environment.

Flood Control

Somali Center for Water & Environment.


(A Tree Cut is a life Cut)

Waste Disposal

Somali Center for Water & Environment.

Drought Reduction

Somali Center for Water & Environment.

Natural Resource Management

Somali Center for Water & Environment.



Somali Center for Water & Environment.

ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management – Somalia

This is an IGAD member countries’ research forum to collaborate and coordinate their research efforts to protect and promote dry land resiliency and sustainability. The objective is to support the fragile dry land communities to improve their livelihoods.‎

Somali Environmental Conservation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 2016 with the objective of protecting the Somali environment through conservation.

The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is a global collaboration to evaluate and raise awareness on the economic benefits of land and land based ecosystems.


The current state of the Somali environment is quite deplorable in terms of recurrent alternate droughts and floods with recurrence rate of about every 3 – 4 years.

The Center’s objective is to mitigate the ever degrading Somali environment by identifying and proposing solutions for desertification and deforestation, among other problems. This objective can be realized through research, public education, and policy advocacy. Below are the goals of the Center:

    1. Conduct research and surveys to evaluate the extent of damage to the environment during and after the civil war;
    2. Generate and propose sustainable approaches to ecosystems restoration for environmental resiliency leading to sustainable natural resources;
    3. Develop and advocate for sustainable water and environmental protection concepts and policies;
    4. Organize public seminars and workshops about sustainable use of water and environment;
    5. Organize environmental action campaigns and information sharing platforms, and network with like-minded environmental organizations;

Mitigate environmental fragility resulting from climate change with climate change adaptation and ecosystems restoration to achieve resilient, sustainable natural resources.

Achieve a resilient environment anchored in well-managed,  sustainable natural resources.

Do no harm; environmental peace-building, peaceful sharing of natural resources, environmental protection and conservation, and environmental integrity and responsibility.